The Film

The Story

A young Pastor loses his job and his life is disrupted after being accused of infidelity by his assistant Pastor who is envious of his position in the church.


Pastor Felix and his wife Mimi have a very passionate marriage with a thriving sex life. Their special date nights are sacred and special to them, until everything turns upside down. The past came to catch up with what seemed like a fairy tale love affair. Adultery, infidelity, scandals, pornography and hatred come in and destroy a world that seemed to be “A happily ever after” story. Can this world be repaired? Can the family be rebuilt? Can the past be erased?
Is it true that a marriage can be that great? Is porn addiction a real problem? How long can a sexless marriage of convenience last in a hyper sexed world. Forced into a life they never planned the couples are brought to the reality of pain and frustration in marriage. They are brought to a place where they have to talk about issues that are often considered to be taboo in the world around us and more so in the church that is riddled by the same drama that is in the world.
A simple date night was about to turn into a two-year drama that would leave the family broke, broken, in distress and distraught.


Genre: Drama
Category: Feature Film
Run time: 120 minutes
Director: NiQ Mangezi
Cinematographer : Denford Dumamis Dzingire
Producer(s) : Osas OsayandeAgbontaen
Executive Producers : Paradigm Films (Tich Tanyanyiwa, Princisca Tantanyiwa, Jared Wessels, Hannes Wessels) One John 5:4 Media
Screenplay : Pastor Miracle T Chukwuwetalu

The Vision

Building God centred marriages that are Married and Loving It
In a world that is filled with pain and brokenness we seek to bring answers packaged in high quality films that speak to the heart. Paradigm Films was birthed to visuals that encourage people to rediscover the joy of life as God intended it for mankind.
This particular film focuses on marriage. We believe that strong societies are built on strong marriages. When the moral fabric of marriage is broken there is no hope for economic growth or happiness. The political crises faced by our nations are based on the brokenness of the homes that are producing the leaders. Change begins when we build marriages that are “Married And Loving It”
The dialogue in this feature film is deep and real and confronts the issue that we go through daily. We want to bring couples to a place where we can openly talk about the issues that we are going through daily in our marriages. Sexless marriages, pornography and perversion, lust and temptation and victory over the above mentioned.

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Cast & Crew

Meet the Cast & Crew of Married and Loving It


Fumani Shilubana

Pastor Felix

He is a happily married man in his early-40s. An extroverted, dramatic communicator, who loves his wife and family passionately. He is also temperamental and impatient with those that are not serious. A sucker for exercise and fitness and hence a very fit and healthy man who is passionate about life, has strong values and very focused. Husband of one wife he loves to bits and father of three kids, one boy and two girls. He is of average build. Very pragmatic and articulate with words. He is the senior pastor of the church after papa Mkhize


Weza da Silva

Pastor Mimi

An aggressive career oriented go-getter who loves her family and supports her husband. Has a painful past which she does not want to revisit. She became strong because of the harsh past but will need to confront it in order to full fill her destiny. In her mid-30s, loves her family to bits, and very supportive of her husband’ she is also of average build, neither fat nor slim. Also a health buff who cares more about what her family eats than exercises’. She is not temperamental and knows how to calm her husband down


Godfrey Thobejane

Pastor Tsepo

A power hungry, ambitious young man in his early 30’s; has a real is struggle with porn addiction. His marriage is no going well and he is looking for an opportunity to rise in the ranks and be a senior Pastor. He is moody, sneaky and temperamental. Tall, with good looks which can be in deed deceptive.


Ayanda Magam


Quiet, unassuming woman, that got married out of the ghetto with a history of pain and sexual abuse. Untrained in marriage but loves the Lord. Not quite tall for a lady. Fair skinned.
Her past life experiences make her edgy and a bit temperamental given all the anger she has bottled up inside. She is in her late-20s


Zack Orji

Pastor Mkhize

Elderly man in his sixties who has a passion for God but old school in his approach. Has a marriage of convenience, dead marriage with poor sex life. Has four grandchildren that he loves. He has done a lot for the Kingdom of God and earned a name. He is tall, huge and well built. Has a husky commanding tone which he uses rather gently. He is the most senior pastor of the church


Sibongile Phakathi

Mrs Mkhize

She is seen as the general mother of the church. A woman with a heart of gold who, over the years, has learnt to bury her emotional and sexual needs by focusing “on the things of God”. Quite pretty for a woman in her mid-50s, she is tall and leggy, with a glowing chocolate skin. Always smiling and hardly ever angry


Sibongile Sifiso

Mrs Leticia

Member of the board. A widowed but vibrant God-lover. Believes strongly in the old time religion and won’t let anyone mess up her beliefs. Short but very fiery woman in her early fifties, also very influential in the board



Mr Marcus

Smiling Mac. More like a yes member in the board. Hardly has an opinion but normally goes with the flow; usually supports the popular motion. Another one in his fifties



Miss Grace

A vibrant member of the church and the board, though never married. She loves God truly but hates to hear anything about sexual misconduct even though she has grandkids without ever being married. Also in her fifties


Bheki Ngiba

Mr Ben

The youngest member of the board, and the only one trying so hard to change their archaic (Old-Fashioned) mindset. Handsome, married and in his early forties; he commands a lot of respect in the church


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